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Wedding Serye PH Cebu Bridal Fair

Eversince I got assigned in Cebu for projects in 2015, I’ve always dreamed of expanding Tutus & Bellas Eventology to this place – a dream which I never thought will ever be a reality. They say that we should always grab an opportunity when it is presented, so when I saw this certain post searching for Cebu suppliers few months ago, I grabbed the opportunity right away with too much gusto!

And so the most awaited date came – August 25. As others spent the lovely Sunday with rest and perhaps recreation, different suppliers from Cebu gathered and put up their booths in support of Wedding Serye PH Bridal Fair. They say that August is a ghost month, which is sometimes referred to as Au-ghost; but for these Cebu wedding suppliers, that month was a hot one.

Wedding Serye PH was organized by Gen Lee Events with the aim of providing aid to hopeful brides and grooms all over the Philippines in achieving their dream wedding. Apart from the display of each supplier’s portfolio, a wedding planning seminar was held and the “Ikakasal na ako!” (I’m getting married!”) book was launched. Ching and Kevin from Tutus & Bellas Manila who flew all the way to Cebu to support the fair, had fun in the seminar, too, as they visualize their own wedding in the future.

The fair was graced with the following Cebu suppliers: NM Event Planners (official partner), Grangetin Productions (official photographer), MN Navarete, The Farmer & The Chef, Cake Indulge, N&N Prints and Designs, EventAbility, Shang’s Catering Services and Events, Pandas & Bears, Mai Madelle’s Invitation, usTutus & Bellas Eventology , and Chai Events and Productions with the ever gorgeous Chai Lozano as the official host. Meeting these new faces was such a breath of fresh air, which was a wonderful complement to the breathtaking view at Beverly View Events Pavilion.


THE SUPPLIERS. (photo grabbed from Wedding Serye PH FB page)

Sundays are usually spent with family. And with Ching and Kevin from the Manila team plus the newest addition to the Tutus & Bellas Cebu family – Xian2, Jeff and Gail, and of course with my Superman, Juno (who played Roblox the entire fair LOL), I did spend that Sunday – August 25 – with these people close to my heart and with my newfound family in the Cebu events/ wedding industry.

Shout-out to all the suppliers on that day with whom we are humbled to have shared the floor of Beverly Events Pavilion with. Check out their Facebook page to get to know more of them!

Gen Lee Events:

Wedding Serye PH:

Cake Indulge:

Pandas & Bears:

CHAI Events and Productions:

Grangetin Productions:


NM Event Planners:

N&N Prints and Designs:

Here are some unofficial photos from the fair.

With brides and our set-up, bringing in outdoors to indoors 🍃♥️

With my no.1 supporter. Thank you, baby!

Thank you, Wedding Serye PH Cebu! ♥️🙏

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