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Hello Earthlings!

Welcome to my site – Miss Mars on Earth!

Here you’d find stories that people from different walks of life have shared with me and that I have experienced in all my years in the life moments/ events industry and in the corporate world. Most articles posted are personal anecdotes – which a lot of you can relate to – as I aim to share our shared struggles and some of the coaching points that have helped and that you may find useful. These are our stories celebrated in this site.

Moreover, I find writing here as my way of sharing His words and giving back the love and blessings that I’ve been graced with – from clients-turned-to-friends, suppliers-turned-to-family, learners-turned-to-partners.

Here’s a space where I pour my hearts out and for us to collaborate and share stories with each other on career, passion, and love and life in general – from Musings (learnings, success and love stories, revelation, reflection) , to Arts (painting, fashion, literature, photography), to Roam (travel, culture, lifestyle), and to Soirées (events, parties, weddings). My wide range of interests was all confusing to me at first until I’ve finally embraced my multipotentiality.

 Feel free to browse and drop in your two cents. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Stay loved and blessed!






MissMars business card v3Biography

Mars Atienza has been working in the events industry for more than a decade. Having been raised in a family of fashion designers and musicians, Mars has been very active in events at a young age.

She started out as a singer in the industry. Together with her band, Mars has sung at different birthdays, weddings, corporate events, and most clients were celebrities and high-end companies. In 2009 with her public relations, good communication skills and focus on details, Mars officially ventured into events hosting as requested by friends- some were clients who became friends in the process. 



Aside from hosting and singing and as inspired by the family business, Mars also offers styling and couture services to her clients. She has won several fashion design contests and is now working on her own bridal apparel line. This also translated to how she envisions venue styling for her clients when requested.img_20190510_212751_hht

With all her experience and technical know-how in the life moments and events industry, Mars launched Tutus and Bellas Eventology, a network which includes professional event managers, stylists, florists, hair and make-up artists – making her events services an ultimate one-stop shop.    


Mars believes that every event, every soiree, is a magical moment to celebrate and that every life moment is a beautiful story to be shared. With her team, she strives to make every celebration a memorable one by providing her services with heart and passion. As Tutus and Bellas Eventology‘s tagline goes, she, along with her team, makes sure that their events are guided by prayers and made out of love.