Hello Earthlings!

Welcome to my site!

Here you’d find stories that people from different walks of life have shared with me and that I have experienced in all my years in the events industry and in the corporate world. Most articles posted are personal anecdotes, which a lot of you can relate to, as I aim to share my struggles and the strategies that I used. Moreover, I find writing on this site as my way of sharing His words and giving back the love and blessings that I’ve been graced with – from clients-turned-to-friends, suppliers-turned-to-family, learners-turned-to-partners.

Since 2009, I have grown from a fashion designer to a singer to an emcee to a planner to a stylist, from an editor-in-chief to a product trainer to a communications coach to an art therapy life coach. My range of interests have widened as I get to discover and learn more. I have found that I am passionate over a lot of things – Musings (learnings, success and love stories, revelation, reflection) , Arts (painting, fashion, literature, photography), Roam (travel, culture, lifestyle), Soirées (events, parties, weddings). It was all confusing to me at first until I’ve finally embraced my multipotentiality.

Here’s a space where I pour my hearts out and for us to collaborate and share stories with each other on career, passion, and love and life in general. Feel free to browse and drop in your two cents. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Stay loved and blessed!