Tutus and Bellas Eventology

…for events guided by prayers and made out of love…

Tutus & Bellas Eventology is a network of professional event managers, stylists, florists, and hair & make-up artists, founded by Ms. Mars Atienza with a decade of experience in the events industry. Joined by versatile and talented individuals who have honed their craft throughout the years, Tutus & Bellas Eventology has been tested and strengthened as their team is built on friendship, passion and commitment.

The Team:

Mars Atienza: Event Consultant & Overall Director
Ching Resoles: Program Director & Marketing Head
Robbi Gatuz: Styling Team Lead
Debbie Bacarisas: Lead Coordinator
Mico Caldina: Senior Coordinator
Allan Buray: Stage Manager


T&B’s stories:


Feature: Jardin Majayjay Bed & Breakfast “By the foot of Mount Banahaw lays a dream getaway filled with stories, art, poetry, blessings and love…”


Mico and Ruby: A wedding illuminated by His Grace “A celebration like this always reminds me… it is by His Grace that we are saved.”


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