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Feature: Jardin Majayjay Bed & Breakfast

By the foot of Mount Banahaw lays a dream getaway filled with stories, art, poetry, blessings and love.

Jardin Majayjay Bed and Breakfast.. Ah, I just can’t help myself from smiling every time I think of this place. I might be playing favorites, but yes, in my ten years in the events industry, Jardin Majayjay is one of the venues that has conquered a space in my heart. Visiting this place has always been a breath of fresh, and it is fully understandable why there are so many couples who would like to get married here.

Together with Ching and Robbie (the Versatility and Creativity behind Tutus & Bellas Eventology), I was a victim to MBB’s enchantment when we did our ocular visit in May 2017. You can say it was love at first sight. During that time, our bride Princess was telling us how she wanted to state her vows with the mountains witnessing that moment in the background, and to dance with string lights illuminating a rustic-bohemian setting – all along surrounded by Angel’s Breath flowers, accentuating an intimate and simple backyard wedding. I muttered “with a place as magical as this and love as powerful as Cess & Mihir’s, we will make this dream wedding happen”.

(As featured in Bride and Breakfast)




MBB certainly has its charm. In 2018, I was blessed to start and end the year in this venue.

(some BTS of Suzette and Carlo’s preparation time – all smiles amidst Signal No. 1 😊)

And recently, I was blessed to have witnessed another celebration of love in MBB. Ms. Encar and Sir Boyet, after years of friendship, finally tied the knot. I couldn’t help but get teary-eyed every time I recall Ms Encar telling how their story goes. As she said, “I did not pray for this but God provided.” True enough when someone is destined for you, that person will find you despite you not looking for him.

(Photos by Allen Licup Photo)







A lot of love stories have been sworn and immortalized in this magical place. And all I can say, it’s so not hard to fall in love all over again while you are staying here… as Jardin Majayjay Bed and Breakfast can prove to all of us, even to the most cynical of hearts, that Forever does exist.

Stay loved and blessed! ♥️🙏

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