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A Year of Rising from the Ashes (My Year-in-Review)

Hello Lovable Earthlings,

It’s unbelievable how 2019 came by so fast. As we close the year, some of us may have been celebrating, some of us may still be struggling, but what’s important is that we are still subsisting here on Earth to witness all the beauty and madness that this Life incessantly offers.

Some of us may not have wanted to wake up at one point, whilst others may have fervently prayed that they still will. Some of us may have chosen to be a catalyst for all the crisis that we are facing now – climate change, diversity issues, etc., whilst some of us may have conceded or went on with deaf ears. While there may have been hard-won battles, there were silent cries as well. And in between, lie the ashes we relentlessly arise from.

Coming from a whirlwind from the previous year, I opened 2019 with an art therapy session with a dear friend. I wasn’t able to do much of it this year though due to a number of transitions, but still I consider facilitating Art Therapy Life Coaching as my calling. I’ve seen a lot of you in our community who also use/d Arts to heal or be healed: be it in the form of literature, performing arts, virtual arts, etc.. I salute you for remaining loyal to your crafts despite adversities.

On several instances I also shared myself to you as an Event host, and on a couple of weddings as Event consultant and coordinator. At some point these celebrations made me choose between passion and career. But witnessing how powerful love is is one of my favorite things to do, and I’m forever grateful for the countless opportunities to go to places and to share these gifts that I was blessed with.

I had my last panic attack in January of this year. With that episode and everything that I have done and gone through, I decided to share more of myself to you virtually as Miss Mars. Writing for this platform is indeed one of the highlights of my year, and I can’t thank you enough for reading me. Throughout the year, I have come to meet such brave souls – virtually and physically in this community and in the MBPS Quill (Writers’ Club) – who selflessly shared their own stories in the hopes of inspiring people and saving another life. Our advocacy is too strong that it translated into the book, “Keep the Quill Going” – the first folio of our writing club. My heart is full.

Another highlight is relocating to an island city, which was an expansion of my comfort zone. As I stood deranged in that crossroad, whether to move forward or not, I prayed so hard that God place me somewhere I can serve Him more. Thank you for being an instrument to the fulfillment of my higher purpose.

With this change came forth even more valuable changes, which to me are answered prayers. I introduced Tutus & Bellas Eventology to this new home, branched out the writing club, met inspiring personalities at Connected Women and Global Woman’s Alliance, spoke more about soft skills and personality development, got certified for Google’s #IamRemarkable, and most importantly, got reunited with my son – who calmed the consuming fire of my mental and emotional instability. Juneaue and I made up for the lost time and had adventures like how I always pictured us together. You, my friends, were there in the highs and lows; thank you for constantly cheering me on.

In 2019, I lost some possessions and ended some relationships. But looking back, I was asked to let them go so that my hands can be free to hold the better ones. Some of you shared the same story, and I’m glad to know that you are well. As we slowly gathered the pieces of our selves that were shattered by the series of disappointments, loss, grief, heart aches, failures, we emerged from all of these circumstances stronger, smarter and more beautiful – like Phoenix emerging from the ashes.

This is how 2019 unfolded to me. I was ferociously burned, but the fire has been put out, the fog has cleared, and I’m now looking into 2020 with fresh eyes and a calm heart.

In case it’s a different story for you, please know that whether we: took a bold step and made a drastic change, or chose to go steady waiting for the storm to pass, or helped a friend though we are hurting, or opted to heal first prior to healing someone, our every single action matter. Every step, no matter how small it may seem, is detrimental to us in re-establishing our selves. And remember that as we continuously allow ourselves to be inspired by our own muses, we will always be reborn and renewed to our better versions. And that in every battle, we will emerge victorious.

Earthlings, let’s please keep encouraging each other to keep rising no matter how many times we fall. Keep sharing how you continue to love and bless, and to stay loved and blessed.

Much love and respect,

Miss Mars on Earth ♥


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