Finally saying goodbye to Emily

February 10. My favorite doll broke when my son accidentally kicked the shelf it was on and it fell. It wasn’t really the first time she fell, however then, only her forehead had cracks but this time her face was totally mashed.

Her name was Emily. I took a hold of her in 2005 and she was (I hope my other dolls won’t get mad) the most beautiful doll in my collection. I remember her smooth face, her innocent eyes and smile that somehow tell you “everything will be alright”. Now that I’ve thought of her, I miss her again, badly.


My beautiful Emily.


Emily, after the Feb/10 accident.

I kept her hidden since then. I can’t think of how to possibly throw her away. I was crying so hard that day that I had to post it on my Facebook. I was thinking of burying her but I can’t imagine the dust getting onto her face. The trash would be even worse. Her getting smelly and all is just unbearable. I also thought of letting her float away in the waters but going to the beach is just something that I can’t inject in my schedule just yet.

My friends’ comments were funny, but I expected it. Some thought of Conjuring, I honestly did too! But like I said in my post:
I figured that it only happens to dolls (or any object, for that matter) if they felt unloved or was abused by their human owner. I believe Emily has been taken care of and was showered with love since I’ve got a hold of her in 2005, so I am confident that she will rest peacefully.

Good thing my friend scheduled a camping in his farm and I thought then would be the most fitting funeral. March 1, after almost a month, I finally said goodbye to Emily.IMG_6709
I thought I won’t cry but I did. It was… heartbreaking.


The place was serene and quiet and the air was fresh. I’m sure this is perfect for Emily to finally rest.




Whispering my final goodbyes. Oh god, I will miss you so much, Emily.IMG_6715




Goodbye, Emily.

One quote read “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened”. And certainly I can only think of beautiful things as I think of Emily’s beautiful face.

What are your thoughts? ♥

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