Feature: Coleen D., Designer

Get ready, fashionistas! Here's Coleen D. to satisfy our sartorial dilemma. In the recent Manila Fashion Festival, Coleen Dumlao showcased her Urban Habal collection inspired by Baguio flowers.(taken from Coleen's Facebook account)Urban Habal ur·ban in, relating to, or characteristic of a town or city.Habal Garden, a small piece of ground used to grow vegetables, fruit,… Continue reading Feature: Coleen D., Designer


Where did that little girl go?

I saw this video biography of Coco Chanel and I got teary-eyed for some reason. I have always admired Chanel and to watch her life unfold before me (though I have read about it numerous times) made me look up to her much more than I ever did. Apparently, the young Coco made her own… Continue reading Where did that little girl go?


Life without fashion would be a mistake

I saw this sign along the streets of Haji, Singapore and it really took my attention. The store upstairs was even more interesting but photos are not allowed (what a shame!) Good thing this part was not off limits and I didn't miss the chance of getting my photos taken. It reminded me of my… Continue reading Life without fashion would be a mistake