My “Seductress” Fashion Line

I decided to wear one of my first creations on my Seductress Lingerie Fashion Collection on the Manulife Business ProceSsing Services Awards Night at the Philippine International Convention Center last month. I know I’m not much of a model, I’d be better off with my pens and paper (lol!) But I’m sure gonna put up… Continue reading My “Seductress” Fashion Line


Chucks on Fire!

Do you have that friend who has done so much for you that you wanted to give him something, or anything in return? Well, I do and last May was his birthday. I didn't know what to give him because it seems he  has almost everything! So  I decided on giving him something only he… Continue reading Chucks on Fire!


Sambawan Island – A Quiet Escape

Small yet majestic. At the very heart of Biliran you'll find this wonderful island of Sambawan. White sands, blue skies, clear waters and the tranquility of the place will surely make you wish that the day won't end. Biliran has always been associated with either Samar or Leyte. A few people know that this province… Continue reading Sambawan Island – A Quiet Escape

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Are you sexy?

I've always admired the female body. If I were to paint a collection, it’ll all be about the curves, the wonder, the excitement brought about and the genius behind this lovely creation of God. The female body exudes sexiness in all forms- too bad, some women are oblivious to it. It is astonishing how the… Continue reading Are you sexy?