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OPEN Career Talk

When I received the invitation to host the OPEN Career Talk session, I said yes right away without knowing that it was actually a step out of my comfort zone regardless of the several hosting gigs that I've done for years. Hosting it ala Boy Abunda's The Bottomline was in itself a big pressure; seeing… Continue reading OPEN Career Talk


A Letter for Mimim

Dear Mimim, Happy Mother's Day! It's been awhile since we celebrated it but I'm sure you're not sad, I know you're with all the awesome mothers in Heaven. I'm also pretty sure God has prepared a banquet for you up wouldn't miss Earth that much. But I do, I miss you everyday of my… Continue reading A Letter for Mimim

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Down the lane with Moonpools and Caterpillars

"You know Moonpools?!" This is one of the reactions I get from my male friends when they find out that I know Moonpools, even more that I like them. All along I knew there's just a niche of market in the Philippines that this band has reached. I feel lucky to be part of it.… Continue reading Down the lane with Moonpools and Caterpillars


Finally saying goodbye to Emily

February 10. My favorite doll broke when my son accidentally kicked the shelf it was on and it fell. It wasn't really the first time she fell, however then, only her forehead had cracks but this time her face was totally mashed. Her name was Emily. I took a hold of her in 2005 and… Continue reading Finally saying goodbye to Emily


Where did that little girl go?

I saw this video biography of Coco Chanel and I got teary-eyed for some reason. I have always admired Chanel and to watch her life unfold before me (though I have read about it numerous times) made me look up to her much more than I ever did. Apparently, the young Coco made her own… Continue reading Where did that little girl go?