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Does life really begin at the end of the comfort zone?

On April 1st, while some were posting about pranks, I made a big leap of faith and permanently moved to a different island city, after 30+ years of staying in the same place. You can just imagine how my core city girl was shaken. For years, I have agreed with Neale Donald Walsch when he… Continue reading Does life really begin at the end of the comfort zone?

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Feature: LarawaNia Fotografia

There are few days left in March and in celebration of the Women's Month, I'd like to put the spotlight on a female artist and entrepreneur who thrives in a mostly male-dominated industry - photography. I have encountered several female shooters but only a few studios are owned by women. One of those whom I… Continue reading Feature: LarawaNia Fotografia

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Balancing Career and Passion

On my previous post, we talked about ways on how I re-ignite spark over my job. But what if neither extrinsic nor intrinsic motivation spark joy anymore? It is probably easy to answer "quit" or "resign". A lot of people, especially those in the corporate world, yearn to do something different like carpentry or painting… Continue reading Balancing Career and Passion

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When the job doesn’t spark joy anymore

When something doesn’t spark joy anymore, it is easy to say “get rid of it” a la Marie Kondo; however, if it is something that pays the bills, brings food to the table, it is a bit complicated to just throw it away. I have been working in my 8-hour job for about 9 years… Continue reading When the job doesn’t spark joy anymore

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How to deal with break-ups: Goals, not Diversion

Google how to deal with break-ups, and I'm sure you'd find so many self-help articles. The challenge is, those tips and pieces of advice can only do so much. In the end, you'd realize that each break-up is a unique case and that there isn't a cookie-cutter approach. One of the most common go-to strategies… Continue reading How to deal with break-ups: Goals, not Diversion