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Feature: Connected Women

In one of the conferences that I attended before, one speaker said “if we are not networking, we are not working”. Therefore, I promised myself that I will do a lot of networking now, especially that I recently started my life anew in this island city. I have been seeing posts from a Facebook group… Continue reading Feature: Connected Women

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How to be happy (according to Science)

That vision of me being rushed to the ER last year due to panic attacks while at work is still vivid in my memory. I remember telling myself, “what a way to spend the Labor Day!”. I cannot stress enough how mental health is important, and I have had my share of “episodes” to attest.… Continue reading How to be happy (according to Science)

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How it feels to fully surrender

2009 was my roughest yet most eventful year. There was a shower of blessings - gigs, projects, events - but at the same time, there was also a rainstorm of sadness when the most important woman in my life was summoned back to heaven. It was one of the most devastating moments of my life,… Continue reading How it feels to fully surrender


Feature: Coleen D., Designer

Get ready, fashionistas! Here's Coleen D. to satisfy our sartorial dilemma. In the recent Manila Fashion Festival, Coleen Dumlao showcased her Urban Habal collection inspired by Baguio flowers.(taken from Coleen's Facebook account)Urban Habal ur·ban in, relating to, or characteristic of a town or city.Habal Garden, a small piece of ground used to grow vegetables, fruit,… Continue reading Feature: Coleen D., Designer

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Not being everyone’s cup of tea doesn’t mean you can’t have the Juice

“Man, by nature, is a political animal.” It is innate in us how we need to be part of a social group. Maslow even placed Sense of Belongingness in the third tier of the Hierarchy of Needs right above the Safety and Security. There are so many prose that tell us how we, humans, need… Continue reading Not being everyone’s cup of tea doesn’t mean you can’t have the Juice