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For the love of Diversity and Inclusion

How does one’s Sunday usually look like?

Gathering in the office on a Sunday is not a usual thing for sure, but for the love of Diversity and Inclusion, these ERG volunteers got up early, reflected on the previous year, and had their thinking caps on as they planned 2020 away.

The event was opened with an icebreaker activity wherein the participants were tasked to complete a narrative by supplementing each other’s sentences. Creating a story on the spot was quite a challenge, especially when creative juices are somehow pre-programmed to stop working on weekends.

But as they say, these Manulifers are agile and are always in the game to learn, to contribute and to share – most especially when the topic is creating a home in the workplace. It was heartwarming that ‘home’ was one of the core topics that day. Where else do we feel celebrated and supported, but in the warmth and security of our own homes? With this goal in mind, these volunteers from PROUD, GWA, and Family Connections carefully laid out the activities for the year that are aimed at promoting and reinforcing diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Indeed, 2020 is going to be an exciting year for MBPS Cebu with all the events that these Employee Resource Groups have designed for them. After a seemingly endless banter of ideas and suggestions, the groups were able to fulfill its mission for that day and fruitfully ended the event with food and heartfelt conversations. Sundays are usually synonymous with family or rest. But for these ERG volunteers who shared their Sunday with food and laughter with their colleagues-turned-to-family, it was a usual Sunday after all.

What are your thoughts? ♥

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