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Staying 20/20 in 2020

And just like that, the first month of 2020 is over – as if it passed by like a blink of an eye. But with all the catastrophic events that have happened recently, we can say that January has indeed left – but did not go unnoticed.

Perhaps as the fireworks blasted on New Year’s Eve, most of us have envisioned how our 2020 would look like. Coming up with resolutions can be simple, as we’ve been doing this in our younger years; however, keeping it is not as easy as it seems. If you have been able to accomplish your annual resolutions, raise your head high as you are one of the determined few!

Now that February is here, we want to make sure that these resolutions we formulated will not hide away in a corner, forgotten. I saw this article from The Woke Salary Man entitled “Respect your Resolutions”, and I like how they illustrated our unfulfilled resolutions in a funny yet poignant way (go take a look and shed some tears at the sight of the City of Broken Dreams out of laughter or shame).

The article itself has provided sound tips on fulfilling New Year’s resolutions. But part of being able to do that is staying clear and focused on these established goals. I find it amazing how perfect the vision 20/20 is in fulfilling our dreams in 2020. It gives me that extra boost of motivation and an ounce of confidence that I can even imagine myself jumping on December 31 shouting “Yes! I fulfilled my 2020 Resolutions!” We don’t want to let this amazing year pass by again with regrets, so here are my additional tips and #notetoself in order to keep a clear vision of 20/20 for a success-filled 2020:

1. Create a vision board and look at it regularly.

I have always believed in the “Law of Attraction”, and many times it proved to be real for me. Imagining our desired achievements establishes a picture; but having that picture on a vision board strengthens it.

If our New Year’s resolution is to have a toned body this year, let’s go ahead and pin a picture of our favorite celebrity on our board. Change the head to ours for a more powerful effect and take a good look at it before indulging on sweets or whenever we feel lazy to work out.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. A simple board will do, and pin that with pictures or notes of the desired results out of the formulated resolutions. I remember crowding my 2019 vision board with sketches of me and my son on an island. I felt that that helped a lot in shaping my next moves.

2. Put ideas into action.

I know that this can be overwhelming, especially if we know that a lot is at stake. But taking baby steps is better than none at all. Want to bring to life that photo of a fashion outlet on the vision board? Take action: Read business books. Watch Girl Boss on Netflix or Project Runway. Take pictures. Post promotions on social media. And when we feel being deviated, go to Step 3.

3. Develop good habits.

Kudos on taking that baby step! BUT, don’t stop there. Such steps should be taken regularly, otherwise another month may have passed, and we are nowhere near to fulfilling our resolutions again. Plan out all the ideas we have built on Step 2. Have at least one of this action embedded in our daily routine (i.e. Allot 20 minutes a day, every day, to read a business book), find the value (i.e. self-development), until we realize that it has been part of our system. But there may be times that we question ourselves, perhaps due to failed expectations or outside pressures – that’s when a strong support system comes in handy.

4. Communicate it clearly to the people who will help you.

We have heard and seen a lot of heartfelt stories wherein someone was able to win at something because of people cheering for them. This rings true even in usual transactions in our daily lives, i.e. doing presentations, cooking meals, driving uphill. Having someone around to cheer you on makes a huge difference!

I remember running a class wherein a blindfolded-learner needs to assemble a toy. The one who was cheered on was able to finish earlier than the one who asked for silence. Accomplishing our goals is for us alone to do – it is our own battle – but asking for help or support doesn’t equate to weakness.

I started my fitness journey in 2018, and I aimed to be a pescetarian ever since. But I struggled in achieving it for long until I opened it up to my friends and family. Sometimes we feel that we are misjudged or misunderstood (I was called ungrateful for saying ‘no’ to a friend’s treat in a meat-buffet), but perhaps sometimes all it needs is proper communication. I appreciate it that I’m now given more food options every social gatherings.

5. Claim that 2020 is our best year!

Traversing the path towards success is never easy. Negative energies and thoughts are going to cloud our way – some of these may be other’s, and some may be our own which are in actual more dangerous. Self-sabotaging is not healthy in every sense; therefore positive affirmations are helpful in overcoming these negativities.

I remember practicing these lines in front of the mirror back in 2008, “Hi! My name is Mars. I’ll be your product trainer for this account”. Lately, I realized that I did say that in my new hire classes in 2013!

Dictionary said that to claim is to demand something of value because you believe it belongs to you or you have a right to it. Go ahead! Make the statement! Shout it to the world! We have envisioned it and worked hard for it; therefore, 2020 is our best year ever!

My #BDJ 2016 Vision Board w/ Cardiknox’ On My Way lyrics

May all our resolutions, dreams, goals be manifested this year.

Stay loved and blessed!❤️ 🙏

What are your thoughts? ♥

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