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Picking the minds of GenZ

“Your writing sounds rushed!”

Seems like an editor to his writer, right? No. That was me one afternoon when Juno submitted one of his short stories.

Juno is one of those kids who have a hard time answering the question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” And for years, it was a challenge for me, too,  in discovering what he really wants or what he is good at. It was only when we met again after several months of being apart that I found out his knack for poetry and short story writing, on one fine day of me reviewing his iPad.

Juno, in all his innocence (or tech-savviness perhaps?) uses the Notes app for his writing. I was awestruck when I saw his works – it all sounded profound for a 10-year old kid! This reminded me of an event that I attended last month.

The talk was entitled: “Talk to the Future: Picking the minds of #GenZ”, wherein four 11-15 year-old speakers were invited to share their stories about how they managed to become successful at such young age. It was like listening to grown-ups trapped in children’s bodies, with interesting stories to share and valuable lessons to impart.

These speakers were:

  • David Castro,  authors of 2 books entitled “Aris and the Conquistadors of ECA (Saving Dogmor Book 1)” and “Aris and the Attack on The Crystal Of Existence(Saving Dogmor Book 2)”.
  • Leo Borromeo, Asia’s Fastest Speedcuber, Gan Cube endorser, with 120+k YouTube subscribers
  • Sky Pantinople, Homeschooler, Graphic Designer, Youtuber, Footballer and Roblox-Themed Tshirt creator & seller
  • Zaiid Trazo, Lego Robotics creator and qualifier for World Robotics Olympiad


It was amazing to hear words of wisdom from these children. David said that he self-learns and researches for his books. He gets inspiration from his cat and his adventures, and from there, he finds entertainment. Zaiid, on the other hand, struck me with his words: “Keep going forward no matter how slow you may be.”

It was evident how these kids were raised in a good home. When asked what else do they want to do, Sky answered he wants to make soccer shirts for poor kids who can’t afford school. My heart just melted.

But still, kids will always be kids. Leo may have mentioned about how practicing your craft helps, but he also said how “invisibility to eat at midnight” can be a good superhero skill. 😅

Image may contain: 3 people, people standing
The Kids in Action! (pic grabbed from Vibes Co-Working Space FB)

This event was the first of four series presented by Vibes Co-working Space in partnership with BrainFit Studio. The symposium revolved on one strategy that’s common to the four children: they are self-taught. And with the way they answered and described their hobbies with too much gusto, it is easy to say that they are doing all these from their but small hearts. Getting paid is just icing on the cake.

My key takeaways from the event are (as mentioned by the host, Ms. Yvette Yntig):

  • Invest in our children’s hearts and happiness.
  • When our kids say that they are bored, listen.

That event inspired me even more to publish Juno’s works. But I guess, sometimes I forget that he’s only a 10-year old kid who writes to his heart’s liking. I forget to just leave him be and let him write to his heart’s content. When I asked him why it seems so easy for him to write stories and poems (when I sometimes get stuck in writer’s block for a month), he said, “these details and pictures interest me that they mess with my brain, and I just had to write about it”. Mind-blown.

Yes, Juno is #GenZ but moreover, just like these four wonderful children I had an honor meeting, he’s just a kid after all.

How David wrote his books by himself. 👏


Know more about these brilliant minds that sponsored this event:

Vibes Co-working Space is a place of positive vibes to work, study or just hang out and chill with family and friends along V. Rama, Guadalupe, Cebu City.

BrainFit Studio Cebu is the leading provider of the most up-to-date neuro-scientific-based brain fitness training programs in Asia. Their focus is on developing and enhancing the 5 critical Brain Pillars that allow individuals to have a more efficient, easier, and enjoyable learning experience.

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