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Feature: Jen Zami Hair and Make-up Artistry

Jen and I have been doing events together for years, and I have always enjoyed working with her. More than her skills, what makes Jen stand out from the rest is her goal to spread the gospel of the Lord.

We can all agree how music prep us up to get our jobs done. It’s the same for Jen’s team, but theirs is a playlist of Christian songs. Every event, every client, Jen never fails to give a prayer or two – whether through the songs played in the background or a passage from the Bible.

Beautiful Jeneration. This is how Jen calls her clients. She aims to allow the inner and spiritual beauty of this jeneration be manifested in outward results through her skills as a make-up artist. “Self-care is a divine responsibility” she says, and I couldn’t agree more.

I’ve always admired Jen for being vocal about her faith, and I guess that’s one value that we share which makes working with her an absolute pleasure.

Check out her works here.

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