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What is better than positivity?

Positivity has been the social norm lately especially that most people have been posting a lot about stress management and mental health issues. Even Catriona Gray showcased positivity in her winning answer in the 2018 Miss Universe pageant.

Dictionary. com defines this way of thinking as the state or character of being positive: positivity that accepts the world as it is. It is finding the good in the bad and knowing that there’s always something beautiful a midst the chaos. Because of this mentality, stress gets reduced and our mind gets more resilient making our bodies holistically healthy.

If positivity is so good, can there be anything better than it?

It turns out that there is – and it’s called proactivity.

I have always been a huge fan of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and the first habit stated in the book is Be Proactive. It is one practice that I try hard to remind myself to do every time.

“Accept the world as it is” – this sometimes makes reactive people raise their eyebrows. ‘In one way or another, something unpleasant is bound to happen, and our positivity can only do so much’, say the realists. While being positive helps us to look at things’ silver linings, being proactive brings us to the next question – what’s the action plan?

The best example I can think of here is a missed opportunity. Let’s say you didn’t get the role or project you’ve been aiming for. Positivity helps you look at the situation as a learning avenue. “At least I learned a lot” Does this line sound familiar? Along with words of affirmation, positive thinking leads you to reflect on the blessings and to psych your self-worth. Proactivity, on the other hand, makes you jump on your feet and create (vs. find) ways to be better. Proactivity pushes you to build (vs. look for another) a door, when one closes on you.

Positivity can be loads of work, but proactivity is a whole lot more. When you come to the fork in the road, start with the easiest one for you. Baby steps are all what it takes. Once you’ve taken your steps in positivity, try the next stride. Who knows, a good life can still get better after all.

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