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What to do when you want to do it all

So after 3 years of hiatus, I finally decided to revive this website. I’m not sure what happened – if it was because I lost the heart or the skills to write, or if it was because I’m not sure what I wanted to do at all.

After several instances of soul-searching and reflecting, it turns out that the most probable answer is the latter – there are so many things that I want to do and out of confusion and discouragement from others, I just wanted to stop doing everything altogether. I was consistently questioning my skills, capabilities and decisions in life until I came across this Ted Talk by Emilie Wapnick about “multipotentialites’.

If this term is new to you, let me give you an overview. In a nutshell, multipotentialites are those who know a lot about many different things. They have potentials in diverse areas unlike specialists who can be veterans in a certain field. The downfall is, there is a high chance of not following through or committing due to perhaps boredom or eagerness to try another pursuit.

My family and friends would always tell me “come on, Mars. Just choose one!” That statement sounds like a dead end to me.

So if you are stuck like I was, here are some of the tips that worked for me.

* Acceptance is the key. True enough that in any challenges, acknowledging that a crisis exists eases out the burden of thinking too much about it. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with us. Our brains are wired in such way, and for most instances, that system works beautifully for us. We are just too scared to accept how it is that the negative perceptions overshadow the good ones.

* Channel your energies. One of my favorite sections in the Belle de Jour planner is the “Ikigai”. Ikigai is the Japanese way of finding out your reason for jumping out of bed. This activity will let you list down a lot of things or ideas until you see the interrelations. From there you might be able to determine where your energies are most needed and are most effective.

* Talk to like-minded people. Join groups like Puttylike. At times when we can’t appreciate our own, there is definitely even a single soul somewhere who can redirect and motivate us to the path we want to take. Sometimes all we need to know is that we are understood.

* Just do it. That Nike tagline has indeed brought me to places which made me scratch my head and ask “what was I thinking?”. Nevertheless, it was all worth it at the end. Sometimes you just need to trust that your heart is in the right place. Sometimes whichever that moment calls for you to do, is the best thing that you could ever do.

The multipotentialite in me won in my constant debate of rekindling the writer in me while I juggle doing events and coaching and training on top of taking care of my personal life – I may succeed, I may not. But at this moment, I know I am happy, and being happy itself is a success.

How about you? Have you ever felt stuck in doing something because you want to do everything? What strategies worked for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts. 🙂

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