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Broken yet hopeful

A year ago, I went on Tutus & Bellas Eventology’s first out-of-the-country gig armed with pure guts and passion. My IG posts looked great and “#feedgoals”, but not everyone knew what was happening behind the scenes.

The gig was supposed to be a collaboration with my previous partner. Things, however, went ugly and I had to continue alone. It was my first travel outside the Philippines without him, and despite traveling several times, I was not confident going alone. Bottom line is, I was dependent on him for so many years that even though I’ve gone to Singapore twice and have done several events, I felt like it was my first time.

Broken yet hopeful – that was exactly how I felt. I can still recall how I cried while staring at the waters by the East Coast Park (with Sam Smith’s “Too Good at Goodbyes” in the background LOL), how I avoided the Love and Locks station while marveling at the lights in Clark Quay, how I tried hard not to reminisce while trudging the corners of Arab Street. Marina Bay was where I recounted why I held long to the relationship in March of that year; seeing it again was a torture. But Singapore is way too beautiful, and I realized that feeling down would be unfair. My “broken heart and shattered dreams” are in no comparison to the downpour of blessings that that Singapore trip alone has bestowed.

Enlisting all the good things that happened to me in October 2017 can fill out a novel. But probably, more than the culture immersion, the chance to see love from different angles, I am forever grateful for the trust and for the chance to serve. It was a beautiful reminder of my resiliency and my love for this job.

A year ago has passed but all the learnings are still fresh. Some tell me that passion and guts cannot bring enough food to the table, but for me, all the experiences brought about these two are more than enough. They always make my heart full! ❤️

What are your thoughts? ♥

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