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OPEN Career Talk

When I received the invitation to host the OPEN Career Talk session, I said yes right away without knowing that it was actually a step out of my comfort zone regardless of the several hosting gigs that I’ve done for years.

Hosting it ala Boy Abunda’s The Bottomline was in itself a big pressure; seeing the list of people to interview was a much bigger pressure altogether. Imagine talking to three Canadian VIPs who have proven to be successful in their careers in Manulife, and throwing them questions to engage them in a meaningful discussion. That (not to mention nose-bleeding LOL), plus involving a group of leaders and top talents carefully handpicked to be part of what I want to call “The A-list”.

Days prior to the event I wanted badly to back out, but this is too much a big opportunity to pass.

The session happened two days but I’m still on high. I learned a whole lot and got inspired in so many ways that I appreciate Manulife more, my (almost) 8 years in the company, my boss, the leaders I have mingled with, and my role as a Training and Development specialist.

Ms Yvette, thank you a million times for entrusting me with this event. It was a nerve-wracking one, but it has definitely and massively given me a boost of confidence that I can use at times when I feel short of myself. What a wonderful birthday gift!

Importantly, thank you Bob, Joanna and Anita for everything that you have shared in that brief yet action-packed session. I was redirected to my values and purpose, and was motivated to be bold in facing unfamiliarity.


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