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Manjamana, Buscalan.

People have different reasons in traveling… Mine, personally, is to be enriched culturally.

I was never a big fan of tattoos but to be inked in a thousand-year old art by the hands of a 100-year old exquisite woman and skillful ladies of her generation is a series of pains I am very much willing to endure. I am more than honored to experience an integral part of our history and culture that I can never learn sufficiently in books.

There is just an unexplainable delight in this event – the beautiful and profound designs, the majestic view you wouldn’t see in a tattoo shop, the clouds touching the mountains, the heartfelt laughter of the locals and guests amidst some communication limits, hearts and minds being one, the camaraderie and brotherhood beyond societal labels.

I am proud to be marked with the guardians of heavenly realms, and I allow them to give me wings and freedom as I send message to anywhere. And every time I look at my left wrist, I am warmed to see Apo’s signature as all the memories of Buscalan come playing in my head.

What are your thoughts? ♥

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