A Letter for Mimim

Dear Mimim,

Happy Mother’s Day! It’s been awhile since we celebrated it but I’m sure you’re not sad, I know you’re with all the awesome mothers in Heaven. I’m also pretty sure God has prepared a banquet for you up there…you wouldn’t miss Earth that much.

But I do, I miss you everyday of my life.. Trying so hard to survive each day and go through struggles with grace, so as not to make you worry. I’ve caused you a lot of troubles before and brought you into tears, made your heart pound, I don’t want to add to that pile of heartaches I’ve caused you anymore…So, here on Earth, I try so much to be strong, to show you that I’m living a good life as much as you are. I know you see the roads down here are bumpy, but hey, don’t fret, I’m still all smiles, I can handle the rough ride.

I know I’ve failed you big time, with all those dreams you had for me but with my hard, stubborn head, I chose to go my way. Nevertheless, you were still there, shaking your head but never left… Now I’m living up to those dreams, as you can see… I’ve always wanted to make you proud but I guess I never acted on it. But with every song I sing now, every stage I step on to, every audience I smile at, believe me, they’re all for you. I wish I can see you beaming down from Heaven pointing to your friends, “hey there’s my daughter”. I wish I can hear those words again coming from you- “That’s my girl!”.

My body misses your warmth and how brave I feel when you’re around. I miss those arguments, those soap-opera like conversations, those clashing ideas, your smile, your laugh, your voice, the way you sing, ah, I can go on forever.

Today, I just want to greet you a “Happy Mother’s Day”! And let you know that despite you not being around, you are still appreciated. I would never trade you for anything, sorry if there were times you felt like it. I wish I can make you feel how much I love you. I guess all I can do now is to be happy and live my life to the fullest, like how you always want me to.

I love you and I miss you.

Yours forever,


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