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My Ultimate Summer Gig in a Beach Resort called Miami Heat

Yes, you read it right. On the shores of Morong, Bataan, Philippines lies a beach resort that bears the same name as the NBA team- Miami Heat.

It was just opened in March of this year, so we were really all in questions when our client, Manny Gomez of Staffhouse, Inc. informed us that this resort will be the venue of our gig. True enough, like what the owner- Mr. Jimmy Bustamante- said, the name stirs curiosity.

It wasn’t really hard for us to find the place. It was about a 3-hour drive from Manila, thanks to SCTEX. When I stepped out of the car, the aroma of the grilled food was so tempting that I felt hungry despite the fact that we just ate just a couple of minutes before we arrived. The resort for me has this Miami beach vibe but with still a touch of Filipino love. There are pictures of NBA superstars on the walls with Lebron’s (as expected) by the entrance. The pool looks just perfect for parties. There are nipa cottages all over the place, in case you want to step out of the air conditioned rooms and breathe in fresh air instead. The sand is fine and the waters are blue, Miami Heat resort is simply… breathtaking.

We came around 4 PM and the program was scheduled to start at 6. So, we set up our instruments and sound system right away and prepared for our gig. About an hour later we were shown our room. Mr. Bustamante said we were the first to use it (lucky us!!). It was clean and cold, and relaxing enough to rejuvenate us after our performance.

And our gig… wow, it was great beyond compare! With a great venue, great band mates, great client, great audience, what more can I ask for! During the talent show, the employees of Staffhouse brought awesome performances that I had a hard time judging for the winning team. And when it was time for our set, everyone was dancing and singing along with the songs we prepared for them that I just can’t help but smile. With an audience like that, you wouldn’t notice that your 45-minute gig has gone longer than expected. Times like these, work doesn’t feel like work at all. It felt like we went there not to perform but really to spend time with friends and have fun.

Staffhouse International Resources and Miami Heat Resort, thank you for the ultimate Summer Beach Party. Cheers!!!


(sunset photo by Mr. Jimmy Bustamante. More photos on their Facebook page:


(Joey and Emong setting up for our gig)



(Our dear clients)




(Morning after the blastful gig…sooo happy!!)










(With my awesome bandmates)




Click here for the complete album. =)

For more info on Staffhouse International Resources and bookings on Miami Heat Resort, please visit their websites at:

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