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Down the lane with Moonpools and Caterpillars

“You know Moonpools?!”

This is one of the reactions I get from my male friends when they find out that I know Moonpools, even more that I like them. All along I knew there’s just a niche of market in the Philippines that this band has reached. I feel lucky to be part of it. I’m glad my ears caught their music, thanks to NU 107 .

When words came out that Moonpools and Caterpillars is coming here, boy, I was excited as hell. I’ve never seen a concert in a while- I’m claustrophobic and I can no longer stand the thought of falling in lines and squeezing myself into swarm of people, let alone the idea of surviving a mosh pit. Guess I’m getting older, huh. But for this band? I was willing to risk whatever.

It turned out that the niche I thought there was wasn’t a niche at all. Just a few weeks after the concert was announced, the Manila tickets were already sold out and I was starting to lose hope. I can’t fly to Cebu, my job won’t permit it. Thank heavens they opened another day in Manila and my partner worked his wonders and got us tickets for the show.

And April 11 finally came after days and days of reminiscing the good old times. It felt soooo good to be young again. I can’t believe I was able to endure the long line and overwhelming noise and number of people. Joey, my partner, and I arrived at 4 PM. We wanted to make sure that we will box out the front row (we surely did, together with some friends we made that night). That’s how excited we were! And the show won’t start until 8 (which started around 9 by the way). Just imagine how long we waited! But nevertheless, the long hours did not defeat the excitement and the eagerness to watch Kimi dance her steps that nobody else can, Jayjay riff the guitars with that distinct sound, Tim rock the bass away with unexplainable energy and Gugut pound the drums swaying people to dance away. After the show? We were just blown away. It was more than nostalgic. And to say that the waiting and everything was worth it, is an understatement.

As I write this, Heaven seems to be playing in the background.
“So take care and don’t go too far, I will miss your soul
And when the distance grows and the nights are long
And your scared at times and you wonder why
Take care and don’t go too far, I will miss your soul”

This was their last song and just like in the concert, I was holding back my tears. Having watched them play right before my eyes, inches away from my touch is a once in a life experience that I’ll be forever grateful to have happened in my life. The tears just fell now. That’s how happy I am. I will miss them for sure.

My heroes.














Autograph!!! I wouldn’t miss it for the world!


There we are… the early birds!! =)


Forever fan.


Good thing I was able to take a picture of the tickets… they took the whole thing!! =(


Thank you Kimi, Jayjay, Tim and Gugut. ❤

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