A Photoshoot with Wally, the Golden Retriever

We were asked to do a photoshoot for a dog shampoo and you can just imagine how thrilled we were! We knew it wasn’t going to go easy, and yes it surely didn’t! But for a project like this, all it takes is patience… and a load of canine love.

I never owned a Golden Retriever and having the experience to play with one for a day was really something to remember. I witnessed how he lovingly followed his master’s order, though it clearly shows how tired he was. We had to stop the photoshoot and let him rest for a few minutes. Boy, a dog as huge as that gets tired easily. I learned a lot that day, which placed a special spot in my countdown:
94: I missed posting my 94th lesson/accomplishment as I was choosing between my “wedding-anniversary-gone-astray” or having a photoshoot with Wally, the Golden Retriever. Perhaps I’ll go with the latter and my 94th will be: A dog’s loyalty can never be doubted, as opposed to a man’s.

He was the perfect model for a dog shampoo. I’m sure he’ll be a star soon.




2 thoughts on “A Photoshoot with Wally, the Golden Retriever

  1. Wow! I’d love to see his pictures! Golden Retriever is such a handsome breed. =)

    Thanks for dropping by! ❤


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