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Love beyond differences

Event: Manimtim – Lemon Nuptial
Venue: The Pergola, Pasay City

October 5, 2013, I’ve finally met, for the first time, one of my closest friends whom I have known for more than a decade. Weird, huh? It’s funny how technology can build friendships. After 10 years or so, my closest virtual friend and I had our first eye-ball, in other words – meet up. I remember Friendster was still the in-thing then, and he was one of those who have put up a very nice testimonial for me as far as I can remember. And on that first eye-ball, he talked to me about hosting his wedding.
I was thrilled! After chatting with him for quite some time, I never knew that he’s capable of loving someone from the opposite sex. In all those years, I only knew one thing that he loved – his guitars.
Two months after, December 5, I witnessed a love that transcends differences. She- Mary Anne, is a dancer, and He- Tim- my virtual friend, a rock musician. Based on the interview that I had on that first meet up, I found out that they first met each other in a ballet concert. Wow, Tim watching ballet? This girl must be something! And true enough, when I met the love of Tim’s eye, there really is something about Mary (Anne).
I found myself giggling and smiling on the way they tease each other, Tim making fun of Mary Anne, Mary Anne gently hitting Tim when he hits the note and gets into her nerves. The way Mary Anne timidly smiles at us and Tim, the way they look at each other with loving eyes, it was like watching a cute teeny bopper flick. It is amazing what love can do. And on that wedding day, I am deeply honored to have been a part of such a beautiful celebration. It was one event that I enjoyed hosting so much. The games, the dance number (imagine a Pearl Jam fan dancing Gangnam), everything was superb! Emotions were overflowing everywhere, especially when Tim was shown crying as Mary Anne walked down the aisle on the SDE video.
Seeing a love story like this keeps my faith in love. That true love does exist, despite differences in personality or genre or preferences. They thank me a day after for the awesome hosting (as how Tim described it). But the truth is, I should be the one thanking them- for showing me what true love means through their simple ways.

What are your thoughts? ♥

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