Life without fashion would be a mistake

I saw this sign along the streets of Haji, Singapore and it really took my attention. The store upstairs was even more interesting but photos are not allowed (what a shame!) Good thing this part was not off limits and I didn’t miss the chance of getting my photos taken. It reminded me of my Facebook post after winning in a fashion show in December last year. And I figured, true enough, life without fashion would be a mistake.

“Grew up to the scent of fabric and got woken up multiple times by the noise from the sewing machine, got reprimanded by my mom for wearing mismatches, contrasting colors, and not following the rules of ‘plains and prints’, got pricked by needles and had allergies from inhaling dust from fabric, joined a lot of shows- won some and lost some, got into arguments with my dad because of my crazy and hard-to-achieve designs, with which I received compliments and criticisms at the same time, cried numerous times for standing for what I believe in… Tiring? definitely. Disheartening? More often than not. But will I ever stop? Never. This is my passion. This is my life. This makes me happy and overwhelm me in a good way. Fashion designing- I’m never gonna leave you, baby. We’ve only just begun.”


2 thoughts on “Life without fashion would be a mistake

    1. Hi Zhen! This was taken in 2013 so I’m not sure if the store is still the same; the name is Chic Fever.

      Thanks for dropping by my blog!


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