A dream 8 years in the making

After 8 years of working- 3 of those with my current employer, I have almost given up on the idea of working at my dream job. Though it is on my “30 things to do before 30” list, it is one of those goals that I really don’t focus on. I just didn’t think that a.) the position will be vacant soon and b.) I just don’t think I can.

Lo and behold, when I was on the peak of being burned out in my role and complacency kept on kicking in no matter how I push it aside, an email was sent out that the “Trainer” post has 1 slot open.

Why trainer, you may ask. I don’t know, but it has always been my dream to be one. I could have asked for a CEO position, or something higher. But it was a job that I’ve wanted all along. For me it is such fulfilling to see people learn from you, to talk with people everyday but with substance, to motivate and bring them to their highest potential. It’s a job I used to want and had been applying for in almost all companies I’ve worked for. It was something that I have always craved for but gradually losing the courage to fight for it after all the rejections. And with my current company, I did pass the chance when they opened the post months back.

But in that instant that that email flashed on my screen, I decided to give it a try. I let go of the opportunity before but for some reason I felt that I’m ready to face a new challenge again and get out of my comfort zone. The competition was tough, as the other applicants were deserving of the post, too. But more than the applicants, I aimed to get the job to outdo myself. After being declined a couple of times, I have come to realize that life is not a competition with others but yourself. With ME as my top most rival, I strived to do my best in the application process.

What probably differs this from the other things I wanted in my younger days is that, this time I did not spend hours chanting and saying prayers with tears. I just let things come as they please. All my plans, including this application, have been surrendered wholeheartedly, and I have prepared to embrace any event and let it happen as planned (Mark 14:36).

Weeks after, yes, I got the job. I have finally achieved something that was 8 years in the making. It came all so sudden that my system hasn’t fully absorbed it yet… I guess that’s a good thing. The title might have been granted to me but all throughout, I should keep in mind that I still, must continuously learn and grow, have my skills honed endlessly as they will never be perfect, and never stop wanting for more as I should always be a better version of myself.

More importantly, what I realized here is that a dream will find its way to you as long as you don’t let the desire die. I was doing so fine in my current role, but the trainer post never left my thoughts. It’s like falling madly in love with which a piece of you is reserved and can never be owned by somebody else. What I’m trying to say is- don’t give up on your dreams. =)

What are your thoughts? ♥

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