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The Parable of the Talents

I must admit, I am not a religious person and to preach about Bible verses is not my thing. I don’t go to churches every Sunday, attend bible studies or prayer meetings or what have you. But I have this enormous faith in the Big Guy up there and this faith is not someone can sway, question or alter. I will more likely say that I am spiritual, than religious.

This story though from the Bible is one of my favorites. And I take it literally. I remember sharing my thoughts about this to a friend before and she told me how I interpret it is really not what this story is trying to convey. Well, as far as I know the Big Guy gave us free will and free thinking and that’s what I always choose to believe in.

So for those who are really not BIble fanatics (myself included. Trust me there are still a lot on it I have apprehensions on), let me give you an overview. So this master went on a journey and he entrusted his slaves some seeds. He gave 5 to one, 2 to another and 1 seed to another slave. The first two worked on their seeds and gained double. So yes, if my Math still serves me right, the first one got 10 and the second 4 in total. The last one, however, probably out of timidity, laziness, or I don’t know, maybe, discouragement because of just getting a single seed, dug a hole in the ground and hid it there. When the master came back, he was so delighted with the first two that he put them in charge of many things. The last one who thought that his master wouldn’t want to harvest what he didn’t sow got reprimanded and the seed was taken away from him. You can check Matthew 25:14-30; Luke 19:12-28.

The Master said “for the one who has, more will be given”.


And as I said earlier, I take this story literally. Ever wonder why some people are multi-talented and seem to be capable of doing absolutely anything? Here’s my take on it- they worked hard for it. Modesty set aside, I discovered at three that I can sing and my parents and family helped me in honing that talent. On my sixth grade, I realized that I can strum and play the guitar. As the years pass by, the crayons, charcoal and paint brushes found their way to my hands and Art unfolded before me. And it was not just the visual arts. For some reasons while those imageries dance in front of me, words play inside my head like little children and explored the writer in me. And as I socialize and talk with different people, it was revealed to me- hey, I can be a host.

So am I being an arrogant b*tch here? Nope. What I’m trying to say is “I am blessed”.

I believe that deep inside us are models, writers, singers, painters, dancers, athletes all waiting to be discovered. Acknowledge that God gave you something, be thankful and work diligently to improve. Do not let those talents be stagnant. They need to be cultivated. Use them all the time until you realize that your hands and eyes and body can do so many things so beautifully, that you thought all along can only be done in your imagination. It doesn’t hurt to look highly at yourself sometimes, most especially if you know that you deserve to be placed on that pedestal.

Get up, and shake those lazy bones away. God provides you with endless possibilities, seize one today.

4 thoughts on “The Parable of the Talents

  1. It’s always better to be spiritual than to be religious. I’m very active when it comes to my church’s affairs, but I get offended when people call me religious. Organized religion is designed to help people encounter God in a more personal level. It’s a means to an end. People think wrong if they believe that religion is the end in itself. If organized religion keeps people from being more intimate with God, then it should be avoided like a plague.

    Your hermeneutics and exegesis of the passage is very sound. I agree perfectly. =) Great post, as always!


    1. Thank you, Angel. I’m glad we share the same views on religion. Two of my closest friends are from different sectors and you can just imagine how intense their debate can get when the Bible is discussed. It’s like listening to thunders and you’re out on the open field. As for me, I’m banking on what I know and how God came to me through this passages, and not necessarily what my so-called religion has taught me to believe. This is a good sharing of thoughts, healthy and not condemning. Again, thank you! 😊


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