A weekend of Island Hopping in Zambales

Zambales has always been one of the most popular destinations for outdoor lovers. With the camping and trekking brought by Anawangin cove, the magnificent view from the light house in Capones, the chilly waters, adventure-packed parks, a visit to Zambales is indeed a total package.

For us coming from Manila, getting to Zambales was not that tiring compared to the other places we’ve gone to (i.e. Visayas region). Not having to commute made it even more convenient. My travel buddy prefers driving so I went along.

We contacted a boatman beforehand so getting to the islands were not too much of a hassle either. There was a parking area and I can say the vehicles were looked after very well despite the long stay. The people were nice and all smiles, good vibes were all over the place. The rockstar-looking-but-in-a-cute-way boatman made sure we had everything we need. The couple who we were with at that time were not really campers so they rented tents and other necessary items from “Kuya boatman”.

Our first stop was the Anawangin cove- a haven for campers, beginners and the skilled alike. It was my first time to get my hands dirty as I usually just wait around while the others cooked, prepare food, every time I go camping. I was proud of myself that time as I was able to cook rice and get the food ready for us, I felt “very grown-up” (lol!)

We were unable to go trekking as we arrived at the island late. Too bad that we missed such significant part of the trip. But nevertheless, camping at Anawangin was a heavenly experience. Getting one with nature and letting yourself be deafened by the sound of the crickets and the trees are simply divine.

There was a pre-nuptial pictorial taking place at the rocky part of the island, and I felt a tinge of envy. But we also had a photographer with us so we somehow had our own version of it. By nighttime, we let the hours passed talking and singing along with a guitar, while watching the flames from the bonfire and candles sway with the air to their hearts’ delight. There was a drizzle around midnight so we just stayed inside our tents. The talking went on and on until the wee hours of the morning.

The next day, we rode a boat to yet another beautiful island called Capones. It is known for its lighthouse and the interesting ruins around it. We didn’t notice how far or short we’ve walked as the view along the way is astonishing!

Last stop was the Camara island. We were only 4 there and our imaginations went very creative as we thought of movies, or music videos that we can do on the island. It was all white and simple. But what made it stood out from the other islands is its breakwater! Waves come in all direction and seemed to be battling with each other. We thought of doing something silly and sat at the breakwater area itself. We were all bruised and scarred from being tossed to everywhere by the waves, we felt pain all over our body, but that was the most enjoyable part of the trip.

It was only a 2-day trip, not enough to explore Zambales but it was indeed an interesting one. I’m sure gonna come back to Anawangin or Camaro for more quiet time with the trees and for another round with the waves.

What are your thoughts? ♥

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