A Taste of Heaven

He drew an imaginary map for her mind to explore
And she wanted to cruise the whole night with his arms enclosed
He set her heart on fire and tasted her lips back
His mind belonged elsewhere though his body and heart remained, stuck

She knew he’s a traveler who needed to stay unchained
But with the strings he has sewn, she refused to be unbridled from the reins
As the gates of Heaven closed bringing their feet back to Earth
She kept pleading for the wines to pour again, her soul on the verge of dying from thirst
And she never thought that a taste of Heaven can be oh, so bittersweet
With all the laughs and tears, not sure to stay or go away from this mind-boggling bliss
She knew that she’d fight for what it’s worth though Hell is the only way it seems
Because life on Earth would be unbearable… she’d be longing for that taste of Heaven again.
Many times the tears would pull her away from sanity
But the memories would keep her head from going on day-to-day
As the traveler gazed at the sky in front of him, with all the places and people who might lure him to stay
Her face stayed painted, her touch lingered like a scar, and her voice continuously played a beguiling melody.

What are your thoughts? ♥

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