Chucks on Fire!

Do you have that friend who has done so much for you that you wanted to give him something, or anything in return? Well, I do and last May was his birthday. I didn’t know what to give him because it seems he  has almost everything! So  I decided on giving him something only he would have (maybe).

He’s a big fan of Converse sneakers and Paul Gilbert- the sick (in a good way) guitarist of Mr.Big. So I thought, why not mix those 2 in one gift? The finished product? A customized white Chucks with one of Paul’s signature guitars!

With the help of a friend, the Ibanez FRM100 or more popularly known as the “Fireman” was hand painted with the Chucks as the canvass.  I wanted to add flames to complete the “fiery” idea but we made the project on his birth date itself so there wasn’t enough time. I was almost thinking blankly then if he’ll like my gift or would want to throw it away; all I knew that time was, this was what I wanted to give him to express how grateful I am he came around. It was a labor of love and friendship. And for me it was the best gift I could ever give.


What are your thoughts? ♥

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